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Funeral Letters

Names, MUM, DAD, BROTHER etc., are seen at many funerals and are usually sent from the closely bereaved, parents, children, siblings or a close group of friends. They are not particularly suitable as Casket tops but work well as additional adornment, particularly to place alongside the Coffin when travelling in the hearse. They may also be brought into the service by the funeral director and used to mark a grave or special place of memory for the bereaved after the funeral. Again, this tribute can be either “open” (decorated with lots of different flowers and foliage) or “based” (packed with one colour flower, which may include one or two mixed floral sprays). The letters can be edged with natural foliage or with ribbon in a complementary colour. A popular idea for an individual tribute is to just have the initial letter of the deceased’s name.

Dad Tribute (Loose)
Dad Tribute (Massed)
Grandad Tribute (Massed)
Loose Letters (1 - 7)
from £43
Massed Letters (1 - 7)
from £39
Mum Tribute (Loose)
Mum Tribute (Massed)
Nan Tribute (Loose)
Nan Tribute (Massed)