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Rose Meanings

The number of roses you send and the colour are not just arbitrary, you know. Each quantity/colour has its own unique meaning. Click the buttons below and find the right combination to match what you're wanting to say.

By Quantity

Love at first sight / Exceptional love all concentrated on you.

Unity & Mutual Feelings / Two of us deeply in love.

I Love You, I love You & I Love You... or Past Present and Future!

I’m infatuated with You / I want to be yours.

Together As Long as We Live / Love each other eternally.

You’re Perfect.

You are my Treasured one / You are the one I love most in my life.

Be my Steady / mutual affinity.

Forever Friends / Secret admirer.

I’m really really sorry.

I’m sincere towards You.

I’m Committed to You.

Remember fondly every moment (24 hours cannot forget you).

Saying "I love you" with PROFOUND LOVE.

I’ll remember our Romantic Moments / Feeling romantic attachment because you came to me.

My love is genuine.

Constant unchangeable pledge.

This is regretless Love.

Thank's for everything last year.

Successful love affair.

I’ll Love You till the day I die... Love with understanding makes love eternal.

I’m Totally devoted to you / Harmonious union in a century, remain a devoted couple till ripe-old age.

You’re my one and only / No other love but you.

Will you marry me? / Please marry me.

Loving you day and night eternally.

I will always love you till the day I die.

Thinking of you everyday, love you everyday.

My love will last till the end of time / Everlasting and eternal love.

By Colour

Symbol for love, romance, and will always be a way to say "I love you."

Deep Devotion, Tragic Love, Rebirth, Revenge, Death, Unconscious Beauty.

Soft and delicate. The pink rose conveys gentleness, gracefulness and admiration.

Purity and innocence. The start of a new beginning.

Deep appreciation and gratitude or just an elegant way to say "Thank You!"

Energy and enthusiasm of a new relationship.

Love at first sight or just an enchanting way to say, "I love you!".

Enchantment. You've fallen in love with someone irresistible. An object of desire.

Friendship. Bright, cheerful and joyful. Yellow roses create warm feelings and provide happiness.

Rich and full of wonder. The unattainable, the impossible.

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