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All Tributes

Pink Single Ended Spray
from £60
12 Luxury Black Roses
Currently unavailable
Admiration Cushion - Large

Personal Tributes

Anchor Tribute
Bingo Tribute

Casket Sprays

Pink Single Ended Spray
from £60
Amber Single Ended Spray
from £55
Blue & Yellow Double Ended Spray
from £80

Funeral Baskets

A Pure Gem
from £30
Country Cottage Trug
from £30
Country Garden Basket
from £54

Funeral Crosses

Loose White Cross
from £70
Massed Cross Tribute
from £70
Pink Loose Mixed Cross
from £70

Funeral Cushions

Admiration Cushion - Large
Contemporary Pillow
Lavender and Cream Cushion
from £54.90

Funeral Hearts

Contemporay Heart
from £49.90
Country Garden Heart
from £59.90
Eternal Hearts

Funeral Letters

Dad Tribute (Loose)
Dad Tribute (Massed)
Grandad Tribute (Massed)

Funeral Posies

Classic Posy
from £34.90
Fond Farewell Posy
from £54.90
Golden Heart
from £49

Funeral Sheaves

Autumn Breeze
from £40
Classic and Classy
from £45
Enchantment Sheave
from £35

Funeral Wreaths

Circle of Life
from £59.90
Compassion Wreath
from £89.90
Contemporary Wreath
from £64.90