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The Red Rose Florist is your local all occasion florist based in Kirkley, South Lowestoft, Suffolk. We specialise in the very freshest roses and flowers for all occasions and have been providing wonderful Flower Bouquets, Balloons, Single Roses, Carnations, Sunflowers, Freesias, GerberasTulipsLilies and completely bespoke arrangements since 1999.

Simply Tulips
from £24.95
Florist Choice - Customisable
from £24.95
Florist Choice - Customised (Aqua pack)
from £29.95
Forever Together
from £42.95
from £39.90
Mellow Yellow
from £24.95
Simply Beautiful
from £34.95
50 Pink Tulips
from £49.95
50 Purple Tulips
from £49.95
Absolutely Fabulous
from £26.95
Carnation Carnival
from £17.95
Egyptian Sun
from £34.95
Farmhouse Pinks
from £29.90
Mint Royale
from £34.90
Pastel Palette
from £29.95
Peach Blush
from £29.95
Simply Vintage
from £29.95
Sincerely Yours
from £34.95
Single Classic Sunflower
Summer Cocktail
from £34.90
Tequila Sunrise
from £34.90